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Do what you do best...
Perform miracles with Custom Cabinetry.

Let us do what we do best...

Cabinet makers strive to reduce costs without diminishing customer satisfaction.

But How?

By outsourcing delivery, scheduling of shipping, warehousing and distribution to Cupboard Wagon.


...not having to purchase or maintain trucks, not having to hire drivers, schedule loads, deal with payroll, sick/vacation days, insurance costs or customer complaints. ...gaining control of your shipping needs, reducing your overhead, increasing working capital, and representation by a company with a strong upscale image.

Cupboard Wagon Can Help You...

  • Hiring Drivers
  • Truck Maintenance Costs
  • Payroll Costs
  • Sick Days & Vacation
  • Low Work Days - abusing the clock
  • Scheduling
  • Warehousing
  • New Ability to Handle 1 & 2 Cabinet Deliveries Without Financial Loss
  • Dependability & Strong Upscale Image
  • Better Control of "Reverse Logistics"
  • Increased Profitability, Working Capital

What are you waiting for?

Wouldn't it be better to focus solely on your core competency... making beautiful cabinets? Contact Cupboard Wagon today for a complete Custom Outline Plan and see how Cupboard Wagon's Delivery, Scheduling, and Warehousing Services will impact your bottom line.